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Releasing Who Will Cry March 20th at Whammy Bar

March 1st, 2015

Who-Will-CryWe’re finally done! 8 songs, 41ish minutes,¬†and a lot of late nights of mixing. We’re listening to the masters and getting them ready to send out for duplication at the moment, and on March 20th, we will have 100 copies of the CD to sell. “Who Will Cry” will sell for $5, but if you come to one of our other shows and grab a special business card, you can get a free copy of the CD at the release party!

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August Shows

July 29th, 2013

We’ve got two shows booked for August.

First is our headlining set at the Blue Pig on August 10th. Kent has a bluegrass gig earlier that day so he’ll be frantically flying down the freeway to make the set.

The next show is August 16th at the Down and Over. We set this show up with Ultrea, Lying Still, and Encryptor, and are really hoping it’s a huge success. Metal party!!!

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Two Songs Down, More to Come

March 29th, 2013

We wrapped up recording, mixing, and a decent at-home attempt at mastering on two tracks earlier this week. You can listen to “Easy Way Out” and “Nevermore”on our home page or Bandcamp page. This weekend we’re recording vocals for a few more, and drums will soon follow up. We aim to have a 6-8 song ep ready for our first gigs, which sadly have yet to be scheduled. If any of you out there listening like our stuff and know of any opportunities for us to play, go ahead and contact us.

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