“Blistering good guitar work and a fantastic riff alongside screaming, soaring good vocals…packs a freakin thunderous punch!”

“Gritty and erratic, but with awareness of its own hypnotic melody, ‘Set Me Free’ is an uncanny concoction of passive aggressive rock electronica nectar.”

“Acoustic rock inherently has a softer touch, but {Else} does engrossing, expansive things within those parameters.” – Piety Levy of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

“{Else} deliver a potent collection of grand ruminations that grasp for the sun from the abyss.” – Ben Slowey of Breaking and Entering

“It’s a journey—one that takes ample time for reflection here and there, but ultimately dives headfirst into the soundscapes of isolation.” – Mike Holloway of the Shepherd Express


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{ELSE} is defined by tightly-knit guitars, industrial fx, ambient sounds, churning bass, heavy drums, and searing vocals. The band ambitiously combines influences ranging from old-school metal, through the industrial stylings of the 90s, to modern post-rock and ambient sounds. Driving, complex songs intersperse with ambient washes and soaring melodies in a polished live show. The band was founded in Milwaukee in 2013 and has gigged extensively in the SE Wisconsin area, opening for traveling acts as well as playing all-local shows.

  • Jon Backus – bass, vocals
  • Kent Heberling – guitar, FX, vocals
  • Shane Mattox – vocals, FX
  • Nathan Paul – guitar
  • Michael Sinshack, drums