“Blistering good guitar work and a fantastic riff alongside screaming, soaring good vocals…packs a freakin thunderous punch!”

“Gritty and erratic, but with awareness of its own hypnotic melody, ‘Set Me Free’ is an uncanny concoction of passive aggressive rock electronica nectar.”


{ELSE} is defined by tightly-knit guitars, industrial fx, ambient sounds, churning bass, heavy drums, and searing vocals. The band ambitiously combines influences ranging from old-school metal, through the industrial stylings of the 90s, to modern post-rock and ambient sounds. Driving, complex songs intersperse with ambient washes and soaring melodies in a polished live show. The band was founded in Milwaukee in 2013 and has gigged extensively in the SE Wisconsin area, opening for traveling acts as well as playing all-local shows.

  • Kent Heberling – guitar, FX, vocals
  • Nathan Paul – guitar
  • Jon Backus – bass, vocals
  • Michael Sinshack, drums
  • Shane Mattox – vocals, FX