{ELSE} is defined by tightly-knit guitars, industrial fx, ambient sounds, churning bass, heavy drums, and searing vocals. The band ambitiously combines influences ranging from old-school metal, through the industrial bands of the 90s, to modern post-rock and ambient sounds. With a constant stream of newly recorded material and a blistering live show, {ELSE} is not a band to miss.


Kent Heberling – Guitar/FX

Kent plays guitar and specializes in lead/FX-driven parts. He also writes and records most of the demo material as well as performing some manager duties. He also plays bass, drums, piano, and cello, and has a degree in Music Composition. He performs cello in Whiskey Doubles, and writes/arranges string and orchestral material for the Echelon String Quartet and soundtracks.

Nathan Paul – Guitar/FX

Nate contributes most of the powerful rhythm guitar work that complements the FX-driven guitar work, and occasionally likes to switch it up by taking over the digital FX and lead parts. He got his formal introduction to music on the viola, although before that he played whatever instruments were lying around the house. He also works with Kent on a techno/instrumental rock project they call A Life Elided.

Jon Miller – Bass

Jon churns out bass parts in Else, often adding variety to the sound with his own FX board and by varying between fingerstyle, pick, and slap. Jon also plays cello in the Echelon String Quartet and is the strings lesson master at the Music Cafe.

Shane Mattox – Vocals

Shane joined the band after creating some solo electronic music. His natural tenor range and great attention to detail in his lyrics made him a perfect fit for the band.

Joseph Kopnick – Drums

Joe is a seasoned pro whose playing truly completes the band in the best possible way. He specializes in heavy but tasteful playing and has an appreciation of odd time signatures.